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How to Buy a Cost-Effective Tv Box with Minimal Cost?

Apr. 01, 2020

TV boxes have become an indispensable device for millions of households, but many users do not understand what kind of TV box is a cost-effective box. Today, let’s take a look at the essential elements of a cost-effective box with Xiaozhi.

First, look at the configuration

When choosing a TV box, we first need to consider the configuration of the box.

At present, the more mainstream chip brands on the market are Quanzhi Allwinner, Jingchen Amlogic, Rockchips, Hisilicon, etc. When buying, we need to see whether the mainstream chip of the TV box is selected.

In addition, it is the memory space of the box. Basically, the CPU and memory determine whether the amlogic TV box is smooth, and the storage space is too small will affect the experience. After all, the system still takes up some space, leaving the space for users to install software It is smaller, so it is recommended that you start with at least 8GB.

Second, heat dissipation

Whether the TV box has good heat dissipation is one of the indicators to judge the quality of the box. Good heat dissipation function can avoid the loss of components inside the box, thereby extending the service life.

At the same time, it also has a certain impact on the running speed of the box. An overheated internal environment is likely to slow down the operating system. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the cooling hole design of the TV box itself when buying.

High-Definition Video Mini Tv Box

High-Definition Video Mini Tv Box

Third, Diversified interfaces

Does the high-definition video mini TV box have a variety of interfaces that play a very important role in the function of the device? A high-performance TV box must have a power jack, USB interface, HDMI high-definition television interface, and network interface, AV interface, etc., so everyone should pay special attention to whether these interfaces are complete when buying.

Fourth, boot ads

Like smart TVs, the most annoying thing for many users is the boot-up advertising, which has a great impact on the user experience. At present, many brand TV boxes are also set with boot ads, and many users have complained. Therefore, when you buy a TV box, I recommend that you compare it and buy mainstream TV boxes without boot ads, such as the Dangbei box. Brand.

Five, content resources

The richness of the content resources of the TV box is an important factor affecting many users to buy. A cost-effective TV box is bound to have diversified content resources for support, or third-party software downloads can be made through the Dangbei market.

The five points mentioned above are the points to consider when choosing a cost-effective TV box to avoid being fooled by unscrupulous businesses.