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Choosing The Right Tv Box Is More Important Than Smart Tv (Part 1)

Apr. 07, 2020

Maybe you think that hundreds of smart boxes can be compared with thousands of smart TVs? But you must first calmly think about what we are buying TV for. Is it to watch more free programs? Is it to download various free software? If your answer is yes, then believe the editor, the box is more important than the TV.

Next, amlogic TV box supplier will help you analyze, which option is the most affordable and the best value!

1. Smart boxes are cheaper, a fraction of the price of smart TVS

As you probably know, the wifi Bluetooth smart tv box is cheaper than a smart TV. Since the screen of smart TV occupies more than half of the cost of the whole machine, no matter how much the price of smart TV is reduced, it cannot reach the level of smart box.

At present, the mainstream smart box, such as android box, the price is usually several hundred yuan. While the mainstream 55-inch smart TV, the price is concentrated in 4000 yuan or so, such as Letv over 3 X55.So the ultra-low price of smart boxes means we don't have to worry about the economic pressure.

Wifi Bluetooth Smart Tv Box

Wifi Bluetooth Smart Tv Box

2, the smart box can effectively use the old TV at home.

What about your old TV when you buy a smart TV? That's a problem! If we buy smart boxes, we can let our old TV continue to serve us. By connecting the smart box to a regular TV via an HD HDMI or AV cable, you can achieve the same functions as a smart TV. When smart TV goes to split design, what's the reason to buy smart TV?

3. A smart box hardware upgrade is more convenient and the replacement cost is lower

Because a smart TV installs hardware inside the TV, upgrading the hardware can be difficult. If the smart TV hardware is not up to date, and we can't upgrade the hardware, we can only buy a smart box connected to the smart TV, or the TV will be eliminated. So why not use smart boxes now?

In contrast, smart box hardware updates cost less. Smart boxes cost far less than smart TVs, and when we think we're running out of hardware, we just replace them, at a cost of $300 or $500.But replacing a smart TV will cost four or five thousand yuan. Why not buy a traditional TV with a better picture and a smart box?

Choose and buy a TV box that suits you to configure tall certainly fast? Almost all of the TV boxes on sale guarantee the basic operation of the system to be smooth, and the higher TV boxes will also have some advantages when playing some large video games. And the smoothness of the system also has a great deal to do with the manufacturer's configuration and system optimization. So it is not assumed that a box with a high configuration will necessarily have a smoother system performance than a box with a low configuration. This still depends on the actual performance of the product.