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The Difference Between Smart Android Tv Box and Traditional Set-Top Box

Apr. 20, 2020

With the rise of Android smart network set-top boxes, the application of Android mobile phones is showing a vigorous development trend, and traditional digital TV set-top boxes will be replaced. So what's the difference between the latest smart Android TV box and a traditional set-top box? We analyze the following aspects:

Different network access

Simply put, the "network set-top box" can be regarded as a "set-top box" that obtains video programs through the Internet. That is to say, the common set-top box is connected to the coaxial cable and the cable TV network, and the 4GB android smart TV box is connected to the network cable and the Internet.

Latest Smart Android Tv Box

Latest Smart Android Tv Box

The main function is different

The programs watched by traditional TV are fixed, cannot access the Internet, and cannot control TV programs according to consumers' own preferences. They do not have content and applications that can be loaded. Connected to a network set-top box and connected to the Internet through a network cable or wireless WIFI, multimedia files such as music/video/pictures on the mobile phone, web browsing, video movie playback, online chat, game entertainment, online movies, and TV can be based on the TV. You can control TV programs as you like, and you can also install applications at will.

Different program content

From the perspective of program content, ordinary set-top boxes receive various TV channels, and network set-top boxes implement various functions similar to computers through the Internet, such as online movie watching TV, game entertainment, web browsing, Weibo, blog, sending and receiving Mail, online chat, etc.

Shopping tips:

Everyone's requirements for the clarity of TVs are getting higher and higher. Many TVs also provide HDMI high-definition interfaces. In terms of hardware, many box products can already meet this demand. However, different manufacturers and TV source cooperation agencies are different. HD storage It is very different from the technology. Some manufacturers can provide high-definition TV viewing experience, but there are few sources to watch the film, so everyone should pay attention to this point when buying.

Hardware Configuration

The hardware configuration is also an important indicator of the computers we buy mobile phones. The number of CPU cores is upgraded step by step from single-core, dual-core to quad-core, and the memory capacity is gradually increased from 256 to 1G to 2G. In theory, of course, the higher the order of magnitude, the better, because it can keep up with the speed of development, the machine will not be eliminated, but the same should also consider the cost performance, do not blindly pursue high configuration, enough is enough.

operating system

Android system is also a relatively powerful and versatile operating system. Many producers optimize their own UI based on the Android system, so we should pay attention to the optimization of their own UI by different manufacturers, whether the operation is convenient, whether the system runs smoothly, etc. at one point of the operating system.

Expand function

Although the most important function in the purchase of Android set-top boxes is their high-definition content playback capabilities, in addition to this, some of the extended functions provided by the set-top boxes such as: whether the set-top box supports hard disk playback, whether it supports LAN functions, and whether it can browse Pictures, browsing websites, etc., are also factors that we must consider when buying. A high definition good price smart TV box is not only capable of watching high-definition videos on the Internet, but it should also be able to Meet more network applications.

Firmware upgrade capability

High-definition network set-top box hardware technology is very mature, but the software still has room for further improvement, especially the strong compatibility and scalability of network set-top boxes, which can be realized through firmware upgrades. Therefore, it is very necessary to consider the firmware upgradeability when choosing. It also requires that the product you purchased at that time does not support a certain function, and it can also be solved by a firmware upgrade. Some product failures can also be solved by a firmware upgrade.

After-sales service

What brand of Android set-top box is good? As an emerging product, Android set-top boxes are under the pressure of market competition. The development of chips, software, and hardware is extremely fast, and problems are unavoidable, so after-sales service is extremely important.