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Choosing The Right Tv Box Is More Important Than the Smart Tv (Part 2)

Apr. 14, 2020

4. Watching 4K movies online is a test of Internet speed!

Now, many smart TV boxes made in China will have a lot of online 4K film and television resources built-in, and 4K film and television resources will definitely need to occupy more bandwidth resources to play. Therefore, if your home network is good enough, it will greatly improve your viewing experience, especially now that 4K film and television resources are constantly increasing, if the network can not keep up, the best resources will not be of any use.

Don't underestimate the remote!

A lot of people buy TV box products will not care about the type of remote control, in particular, that is sold on the market now TV box is equipped with a remote control mainly has three types, including infrared remote control and wifi, Bluetooth remote control, including Bluetooth and wifi remote control in the use of experience is similar, the basic no dead Angle can be a remote control, and the Angle of the remote control of infrared remote control requirement, generally at the time of remote control need to be operated for the TV remote control box.

6. Few interfaces?

The different shapes of the boxes also make the interface configuration different. The boxes with complete interfaces will come with RJ45 cable, HDMI, SD card, USB, and even audio and video output ports designed for old TV access boxes. A box with more ports will be bigger, and a box with fewer ports will be smaller.If you occasionally use external storage such as a USB flash drive or an SD card to play videos or share pictures, the full range of ports will ensure that you can use them when you want to.

7. Can't install third-party apps?

Now the TV box will also have an app store in the system, but under normal use, the apps in the app store inside the TV box system may not satisfy everyone's needs, however, users can download third-party app stores as the market, so they can download the software at will.

 High Definition Good Price Of Smart Tv Box

 High Definition Good Price Of Smart Tv Box

Overall rating:

There is a lot of high definition good price of smart TV BOX, but not every product can meet your use demand, in every respect, everyone TV BOX when the choose and buy, as long as it can correct analysis their demand for the use of the BOX, you can choose the market bought satisfactory products. But overall, buying a smart box is a great deal compared to buying a smart TV.

In the purchase of TV, too much tangled in the intelligent function of the TV is not necessary, after all, the speed of electrical appliances to upgrade is extremely fast, or more consider the picture quality of this TV fundamental, with the practical good reputation of the smart box, perfect!