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How does the Android Smart TV Box work?

Oct. 15, 2019

In the 21st century, a new economic wave that integrates many industries with intelligence as the core is emerging on a global scale, and is developing towards an intelligent era of receiving and displaying a large amount of multimedia information at any time and any place. China's intelligent industry conforms to the trend of the times and enters a new stage of industrial adjustment and transformation and upgrading with the development of digital technology, flat panel display, energy conservation and environmental protection, and product and content integration. Intelligent development is the trend of the times.

Android Smart TV Box is also called HD Android Smart TV Box. It has become the fine tradition of Android. It integrates Android's very visual impact interface and Android's tens of thousands of functions into the TV set-top box. Android was originally in the mobile phone field. It has played a strong role in the field of mobile phones and has expanded from the field of mobile phones to the field of TV set-top boxes, turning an ordinary TV set-top box into a smart TV box. In addition to being able to watch TV programs on existing TV sets, users can also play games, listen to songs, surf the Internet, and access online videos.

Android Smart TV Box, as its name suggests, is a TV box equipped with Android operating system (android). It is a simplified computer device. In addition to the traditional TV box function, it can also enable TV to realize web browsing, video movie viewing, and chat office games. Wait, the same features as tablets and smartphones. With the Android system, the ordinary TV sets can be intelligently improved, and hundreds of thousands of Android market applications, games and other content can be installed at will.

The concept of smart TV box rises from AppleTV TV box, the first Android smart network HD player in China, the appearance of M16, puts the most widely used and powerful Android operating system (android) on mobile phones and tablets. In the TV box, the ordinary TV set of thousands of households has been turned into a wide-ranging, powerful 10,000-yuan smart TV, high cost performance, flexible upgrade configuration, and perfect compatibility. Make the smart TV box the first choice for intelligent upgrade of the TV. With the hot market, the smart TV box also brings new hope.

How does the Android Smart TV Box work?

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China Android TV BOX wholesale today to share with you, the working principle of Android smart TV box, I hope to bring help to everyone.

Internet connection

The reason why the network TV set-top box carries the word "network" is because it can connect to the Internet and reuse resources on the network (video, pictures, text information, etc.), so the network TV box is generally equipped with a wired interface and a network cable WIFI network card. , is the user's convenience to link to the Internet.

TV display

The word "television" in the name means that the TV box is mainly displayed through the TV. The Tacadia network TV set-top box T10 can not only link the high-definition HDMI data line, but also link the traditional three-color AV line, and the compatibility is relatively strong.

External devices

Rich external device expansion interface, can link mouse and keyboard, camera, game console, external storage (U disk, SD card and hard disk), etc., Tacadia TV box T10 is also equipped with a remote control, convenient for the elderly to operate the box.

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