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The appearance of the TV box replaced which devices were used

Oct. 24, 2019

DVD/BD player - from VCD player to DVD player to BD player upgrade, the price is constantly rising and the cost-effective space is constantly compressed, although there are still some Blu-ray players at the high end Serving in a home theater, but you need to constantly supply Blu-ray discs (one for pirated ones at 10 yuan, and for genuine ones for hundreds to thousands of oceans). The intelligent network set-top box can be called the ultimate killer of the DVD player. Its low price is generally between 200 and 500 oceans. It can easily reach 4K picture quality, and the decoding ability is super strong. It can decode various video formats popular in the market. And with online ultra-high-definition playback (up to the Blu-ray level), it has become a product that more people are willing to choose. Good looking design android TV boxes have been favored by more and more families.

The general intelligent network set-top boxes sold in the market generally have the ability to decode Blu-ray ISO files, and support one-click switching of audio tracks and subtitles. High-end products such as Haimeidi series boxes also support Blu-ray BDMV recognition, and perfect navigation, HD network The HDMI output of the set-top box also provides an innate advantage for Blu-ray playback. It can output up to 7.1 channels of video content through HDMI, and some of the box products also provide fiber-optic audio output ports, which are only available in professional players. Industry high-end products.

R-TV BOX X10 PLUS Allwinner H6

R-TV BOX X10 PLUS Allwinner H6

The bully game console - Xiao Bawang used to be the "dream" of the author during his childhood. He can have an independent keyboard and play thousands of games with the card, and today the bully can only be sealed in memory. With the popularity of the PC, the bully game console began to slowly withdraw from the historical stage, and the real perfect replacement is the 4G Android smart TV box, which can expand the storage through the USB port, install various games, adapt the game controller, wireless mouse and keyboard to play the game.

Network player - this can be considered as the predecessor of the intelligent network set-top box, usually linux system, non-expandable application, built-in online video playback platform, regularly update server content. The advantage of the intelligent network set-top box is that in addition to the built-in genuine broadcast control copyright network video platform, users can expand and install all kinds of video on demand platforms, and expand by themselves, the picture quality can reach the Blu-ray level.

Home server - this can not be said to replace, can only say that the domestic market has achieved leap-forward development, the concept of home server is very popular abroad, almost every family has a server for family media resources to share, and domestic It is still not popular, and it can only be seen in some high-end homes. In some homes, smart routers and USB mobile storage are used to implement the functions of the home server.

When the network speed develops to a certain extent, the concept of the home server will be widely spread, and the price of a professional home server is certainly expensive. As a cost-effective home server - intelligent network set-top boxes generally support the Samber and NFS protocols (even if not through third-party application extensions), support for playing home server shared media resources, and sharing local media resources, in Ordinary people are popular in the home, or want to enjoy the convenience of home server in advance, Wifi bluetooth smart TV box is a very good choice. In addition to sharing multimedia resources, the intelligent network set-top box can also be installed with Thunder downloads, acting as a downloader and complementing the home server functions