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What are the blind spots in the smart TV box?

Oct. 30, 2019

With the advent of the intelligent era, even our TV sets have undergone earth-shaking changes. From black and white to color, from wireless to wired, to today's smart TV. And if an ordinary TV wants to upgrade to a smart TV, in addition to the new one, we can also use the Allwinner H6 smart TV box to make a face-lift for the TV. However, for this TV box that is both strange and familiar, we still have a lot of blind spots in our understanding.

What misunderstandings do we have about TV boxes?

TV boxes, although they can help us get more video and game resources, but not all are free, in addition to internal storage, it also needs to install third-party software. While using resources on third-party software, although some are free, there are many that are only open to VIPs.

Some people say that as long as the TV box is configured high, the speed of running is fast. But sometimes we will find that the 8-core TV box is not as fast as the quad-core rockchip TV box, what is the reason? Because the speed of the TV box is not only related to the configuration, but also determined by the optimization of the operating system. Therefore, we cannot blindly pursue the high end of the configuration.

Does the TV box also need maintenance?

The TV box seems to be just a tool for watching TV and playing games, but if it is lack of maintenance, it will shorten its service life. Regarding the maintenance of the TV box, we need to pay attention to these points.

1. Never use an ordinary disk to optimize the software. If the read/write strength is too large, the life of the TV box micro hard disk will be shortened. And many hard drives have a clean reset operation, and do not need to use the disk for software optimization.

2. The inside of the TV box is mostly magnetic medium. Therefore, if there is strong magnetic field nearby, the signal will be interfered and even degaussing will occur. Therefore, avoid placing mobile phones or speakers near the TV box, especially magnetic suspension speakers.

R TV Box X10 Pro

R TV Box X10 Pro

3. can not use the TV box in high temperature environment, because the surrounding temperature is too high, it will affect the frequency of the crystal oscillator in the TV box, not only will burn the box, and even accidents will occur.

4. You cannot directly pull out the memory card during the process of use. Because the current TV box does not support hot swap. Suddenly pulling out the memory card will damage the motherboard, and the system will be paralyzed.

How to choose a network TV box?

Choose the right system. The current 4GB smart TV BOX rockchip basically has two systems, Alibaba Cloud System and Android System. Android has a wide range of applications and software compatibility. The Alibaba Cloud system is focused on its own production, has its own dedicated machines and software, and has strong stability.

Hardware is the basic guarantee for running speed. Although high hardware does not determine the speed of operation, high hardware can still promote smooth operation. Now 4 cores and 8 cores are the mainstream.

Summary: Modern urban homes, TV boxes may be essential. However, we may not pay much attention to the purchase and maintenance. In fact, if you lack the purchasing skills, it is easy to be shoddy when you choose, and the lack of attention in maintenance will shorten the service life of the TV box.