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What is the smart TV, smart TV box and cable set-top box?

Nov. 06, 2019

What is the difference between smart TV, smart TV box (network set-top box) and limited TV set-top box? Which is more suitable for the family, which is more worth buying? The China Amlogic TV box supplier answers your questions.

Smart TV

The first thing that must be said is that smart TV is the inevitable trend of the current market development, that is, the future market smart TV will be more popular, but at present, the technology of smart TV is still immature, not only expensive (generally around 2,000 yuan, good probably) Above 4000). Smart TV is not much different in content from smart TV boxes. It depends on the brand and service provider of the cooperation, as well as the right to operate.

Smart TV box

Smart TV boxes, also often referred to as network set-top boxes, have various application functions for brands and vendors, but the most basic functions are: on-demand and live broadcast. Although there are some disputes in live broadcast, general high definition good price smart TV boxes can install third-party applications. It is only possible that the stability is not high. At present, there is no need for a third party to watch the live broadcast box, which is probably a telecom IPTV bar, but there are many places where IPTV pays, especially HD channels.

In addition to the basic functions, the smart TV box also has functions such as games, shopping, music, photo albums, etc., and the content is more abundant. Moreover, the smart TV box is equivalent to a large mobile storage device, and the content used can be expanded through the process of downloading and installing in the case of accessing the network cable. And since its development, the technology of smart TV box has been very mature, and the price is not high, generally in the range of 199-399 yuan, it should be said that the price is very high.

R TV Box S10

R TV Box S10

Cable set top box

The cable set-top box mentioned here refers to a set-top box for transmitting cable television signals. The main purpose of the set-top box is to enable the TV of the user's home to be connected to the cable television. If the content is viewed by the television, it should belong to the live content.

The limited TV set-top box belongs to a relatively long-term technology, and the content cannot keep up with the smart TV box made in China and the smart TV. The only advantage is in the live content, but the current market development, this obvious advantage, is slowly weakened, very likely eliminated by the market.

However, smart TV is definitely the inevitable result of market development. It is only how long this process is difficult to talk about. At present, users who have not used smart TV mostly choose HD 4K TV + smart TV box. This combination is cost-effective and experience. Good, but also affordable.