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The difference between cable set-top box and smart TV box

Nov. 12, 2019

Although the abbreviation is all TV boxes, the difference between the traditional cable TV set-top boxes and the emerging smart TV boxes is still very large. The main differences are as follows:

1. The 4GB smart TV box rockchip can not only watch live TV, but also watch various on-demand programs. It also supports the addition of program sources and watching massive overseas channels.

2. The cable TV set-top box receives the content of the cable TV signal, and the smart TV box receives the network signal transmission data.

3. The cable TV set-top box needs to pay the machine fee. It also needs to pay a certain content service fee every year. The smart TV box only needs to pay the box fee, but it needs to pay the network service fee separately.

MX10 PRO Android TV Box

MX10 PRO Android TV Box

4, cable TV set-top box program source (480P) clear, stable, but the resolution is not high; 4K TV box rockchip resolution is very high, has been able to support 4K HDTV, stability depends on the network used, but in general the quality is still Very good, almost no stagnation.

5, Cable TV set-top box to watch high-definition (720P) programs need to be customized, and need to charge another high-definition content service fee, smart box can not only watch high-definition programs (720P), but also see full HD (1080P), ultra-high-definition (2160P) programs Most of them do not need to pay, but with the control of the General Administration, there are more and more smart box content charges, especially the formal brand smart box; but the cost is not high, in general, the price is very high, still has market potential .

6. Smart TV is actually a combination of smart TV box made in China and TV, one less box, so the content and application are almost the same, but the current smart TV technology is not mature enough, not only expensive but also unstable.

Smart TV is definitely the inevitable result of market development, but it is difficult to talk about how long this process has been. At present, users who have not used smart TVs mostly choose HD 4K TV + smart TV box. This combination is cost-effective, experience is good, and affordable.