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What if the TV box freezes?

Nov. 18, 2019

TV boxes often crash after a long time. How should we solve this kind of problem? The Allwinner tv box supplier has organized several easy-to-use tutorials to share with everyone. Let's take a look!

Method one, forced upgrade

1. We can log in to the official website of the box and download the TV box firmware upgrade package for the corresponding model;

2. Copy the latest firmware to the USB flash drive. Note here that the firmware should not be decompressed and the file name should not be changed.

3. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the TV box, and then press and hold the reset button on the body of the TV box.

4. The interface displays “Proofreading”, then the amlogic TV box automatically shuts down and restarts;

5. After the operation is completed, the TV box system will display the prompt “Installing the system update, do not unplug the power supply”, and then wait for the system update;

6. The update is completed. 15 seconds after the boot, the Android robot LOGO will appear in the TV box. At this time, the forced upgrade has been completed. (The upgrade mode of different brand boxes is different, please operate according to the actual situation of your own products.)

Method two, restore factory settings

1. Open the TV box, enter the main interface, select [System Settings] - [Advanced Settings];

2. Select [Backup and Settings] - then select [Restore Factory Settings];

3. Click [Format SD Card] - then select [Restore Factory Settings].

Allwinner TV Box

Allwinner TV Box

After the factory settings are restored, the TV box can automatically fix some vulnerabilities and improve the TV box system. However, whether it is a forced upgrade or a factory reset, there are risks in operation, so everyone should use it with caution.

After the factory settings are restored, the original installation software is emptied. At this time, it is recommended that you download the genuine software through the Dangbei market. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the above methods, you can also consider replacing the new TV box, such as the android rockchip TV box!