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Learn to maintain a smart TV box to effectively extend the life

Nov. 25, 2019

Amlogic TV box supplier will come to summarize some correct smart TV and box maintenance methods to effectively extend the service life of various smart TVs and boxes.

Hardware aspect

1. Avoid current damage

Although many smart TV box manufacturers have canceled the power switch function. In fact, from the perspective of protecting smart TV, this is very necessary. Nowadays, many users are accustomed to using the remote control to turn off the smart TV and the box. It can be easily opened directly the next time. In fact, the "shutdown" at this time is not a real power-off, except that it still consumes power and also gives smart TV. And the box brings security risks. When a power short circuit or thunderstorm occurs in the home, the sudden change of current can easily damage the fragile circuit of the device, and although the damage is less likely, the damage to the device is usually caused. It is irreversible, and if it happens, it can only be replaced.

The correct way to do this is to turn off the system of the smart TV and the allwinner TV box, then disconnect the power to the device.

2. Avoid extreme environmental use

Smart TVs are also high-tech products. Although the current price has become lower and lower, the integration of electronic components has been several times higher than in the past.

The so-called extreme environment, that is, the environment that is not suitable for using smart TV, including moisture, ash, overheating, bumps, strong magnetic fields, and long-term continuous use, etc., will increase the wear and deterioration of smart TV electronic components.

The corresponding maintenance method is to let the smart TV try to avoid direct sunlight, keep away from hot and humid objects, place it in a stable place, etc. If it can be protected with a dust cover for a long time, often wipe the dust on the device with a soft cloth. and many more. From this point of view, although the wall-mounted type saves space, the heat dissipation effect is worse than that of the TV cabinet.

3. Protection of smart TV screen

For smart TVs, the screen can be said to be the most important component, and it is also the user's main use component, so the maintenance of the smart TV screen is also very important.

Many people use their fingers to point to the screen. It may not matter to traditional CRT TVs, but it will cause fatal damage to the LCD TV screen. At the same time, it must take care of your children and toys, any impact on the LCD screen. Scratching can cause direct damage and is highly likely to scrap the entire screen. Many LCD TVs have a digital photo browsing function, and the display of a picture for a long time will also cause damage to the LCD screen.

At the same time, mobile phones, tablets, audio equipment and other equipment will have an impact on the TV screen, and should be avoided as much as possible.

Rockchip TV Box

Rockchip TV Box

4. Do not insert or remove the power on.

With the enhancement of the function of the smart TV, the interface of the TV is also more and more abundant, and the plugging and unplugging of these interfaces also needs attention.

Smart TVs and China customized android TV boxes generally do not support hot swapping, so do not pull out a USB flash drive or a memory card during the use of the TV or the box. Remove it from the system settings or disconnect it before shutting down. If you are reading the storage. Unplugging the memory card while the contents of the device will cause the system to crash or even damage the box motherboard!

If it is not an old TV set, please try to connect the TV with HDMI high-definition cable, which can ensure the clarity of video transmission and reduce the energy loss of the box motherboard.