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Learn to maintain smart TV boxes and effectively extend their service life--software

Dec. 02, 2019

After the TV became smart, it also brought a lot of new troubles to everyone, such as stuttering, crashes, and even being unable to turn on.

Is the quality of smart TVs or 4GB smart TV box rockchip really worse today than in the past? The reason why smart TVs become slower and slower is because of the Android operating system. Like Android phones, smart TVs will freeze like Android phones if they do not pay attention to maintenance during daily use. Therefore, correspondingly, the maintenance methods of smart TVs and boxes are also divided into "hardware" and "software".


1. Install applications with caution

Smart TV can install software, which brings us a lot of convenience, but too much software installation will slow down the system. If it is not necessary to avoid installing too much software on the TV, the main function of the smart TV is to watch TV programs.

You should also pay attention to the selection of application software, and try not to download and install applications of unknown origin. The sofa housekeeper contains a large number of high-quality and safe third-party application and game software. One-click download is safe and convenient!

TV Box Mini

TV Box Mini

2. Clean up garbage regularly

Smart TVs are equipped with an operating system. As the system becomes more and more complex, the amount of junk content will increase, and the startup time will become longer. Those who are familiar with electronics will easily understand this.

As with mobile phones, users usually need to update the system version as much as possible, and don't use an outdated system. At the same time, regularly clean up unused software or junk files on the TV box. Junk files will occupy the system and memory space, causing the system to run slower and slower. Here we recommend that you use the one-click accelerated cleaning function in the sofa housekeeper tool.

3. Ensure good network connection

The biggest difference between smart TVs and traditional TVs is that they can access the Internet.

Many times, the poor network signal will also affect the user experience, especially when watching Internet TV, frequent network loss and refresh will also make the TV system become stuck. It is recommended that everyone use a network cable to connect the amlogic TV box as much as possible to ensure the stability of the network and the smoothness of the video.

There is also a thoughtful network optimization function in Sofa Manager, which supports one-click modification of the DNS of the device, thereby optimizing the network speed to a certain extent.

4. Don't try ROOT crack easily

Finally, and most importantly, it is not easy to try ROOT cracking. Although the ROOT has been cracked, the user has the highest authority of the smart TV device, which can be arbitrarily streamlined and optimized. However, there is a sentence called "If you don't die, you won't die." ROOT cracking caused bricks ...

Although many smart TVs or TV boxes have a lot of "junk" content built in from the factory, the allwinner TV box supplier still advises everyone to try to avoid ROOT cracking if not necessary!