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[TV box supplier]What do we need to consider when buying a TV box?

Jun. 15, 2019

What do we need to consider when buying a TV box? Shared by the smart TV BOX Rockchip Supplier.

The price of the TV box

LCD boxes cost much more than flat ones.

The resolution a TV box can support determines whether it matches the display or not. CRT displays can get a better display effect at any supported resolution, while LCD displays can only get a better picture at the best resolution because the pixels are fixed. A flat TV box usually has an output size of 640x480, which is fine for CRTS, but rough for LCD screens. LCD TV box output is generally 1024x768 above, to adapt to the LCD screen. Because of this, LCD boxes support CRT and LCD, while flat boxes only support CRT.

How to buy a TV box

So what kind of TV box is best for us? The answer depends on consumer demand. Generally when we are picking up the TV box by themselves to look like, can according to the resolution of the TV box, interface, the application menu function, chips and accessories, etc, of course there are some subjective feelings and consider price, quality but in some of the parameters has the excellent performances on TV box, also will not be on the image display.

The resolution of the TV box

First of all, let's start with the resolution. The mainstream TV boxes have 1680*1050 and 1920*1200 resolutions, which can be known to LCD monitors of 22 inches and 24 inches or more respectively. If you want a high-definition TV, make sure you choose 1920*1200.

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Interface for TV box

From the interface point of view, on the output interface, also said one of the most common is the VGA in front of the TV box, moreover is the D Ⅵ, can avoid the loss of signal, image resolution and detailed have improved. And from the input interface, the most common and common is AV and S terminals and vga-in, general television box will be equipped with, but most manufacturers use S terminals to vga-in, which will cause the loss of signal data conversion, so we should try to choose the standard vga-in TV box when choosing VGA TV box. Advanced TV boxes, on the other hand, will be equipped with chromatics, which many players use to transfer consoles such as the PS3 and Wii to larger monitors. However, it is worth noting that some TV boxes with color difference component terminal only support to 480i and 1080i color difference component terminal box in the definition of a certain gap.

TV box application menu

On the application menu function, if your monitor is liquid crystal, that must not choose the pure CRT television box, the world has many 100 yuan or so of TV box, but those TV boxes can only support the pure CRT display, if you happen to be this kind of display to might as well be an economical choice. Many TV boxes generally support widescreen mode, PIP pictures and channels in order, automatically shut down. A few models will support the speaker, so do not need external speakers, a lot of convenience. In the image processing technology, a few manufacturers have their own exclusive research and development technology. If compared from the attachment, some manufacturers will not take AV/S, HDMI and other cable, if you may use these cable in the future, that in the words of purchase must pay attention to buy accessories complete TV box, avoid to use when in the market can not find a matching cable.

The chip 0f TV box 

Next, let me discuss the chip that has the most to do with the display of picture quality, which TV box picture quality is good: picture quality is determined by several main parts of the TV box together. High frequency heads, decoding chips and other processing chips, comb filters. The chip is very important to the TV box's anti-interference and noise ability. If you use a good chip, you will have a clear and perfect picture quality. The best chip brands in the world at present will be NXP, Xceive and Telechip.

NXP: formerly a subsidiary of philips in IC products, it belongs to the high-end brand of decoders, and this is the latest series

Xceive: is an American company developing rf to baseband receiver IC. The chip has received high praise for its signal stability and image reception.

Telechip: Telechip's technical team is a former senior technician at South Korea's samsung. Because of his qualities, he should be trusted.

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