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[TV box China]Tips for choosing a TV box

Jun. 21, 2019

Tips for choosing a TV box shared by smart TV BOX Rockchip Supplier.

Reasonable matching resolution

Unlike traditional CRT displays, there is an element of optimal resolution between LCDS and TV boxes. The standard best resolution for a 19-inch LCD, for example, is 1280 by 1024. Since LCD requires at least 1.3 megapixels to properly eliminate the grilling of the screen, using an early VGA TV box (which only supports 1024×768 resolution) can cause a very severe grilling of the screen.

Built-in speaker

Don't assume that all will be well when you buy a TV box with all the right parameters. A minor oversight may irritate you. There aren't many LCD products with integrated speakers, and the TV box you buy doesn't have one... After matching the parameters, ask if the TV box has speakers.

smart TV BOX Rockchip Supplier

Select the USB2.0 interface

When buying USB TV boxes, it is important to choose USB2.0 interface. Many low-priced TV boxes are USB1.1 interface, which cannot meet the requirements of high quality video data transmission. When collecting and recording TV programs, these products often suffer from stagnation or poor picture quality.

Diversity of TV boxes

Use a monitor or laptop to watch TV; 2. Access to the entertainment world of "live football" and other games through the connection with PS, XBOX, GAME CUBE and other home GAME consoles; A high quality video system with PDP or projector; Four can be through MMI interface and VCD, DVD and other video devices to form a home playback system. Additional, also have congenital advantage in dimensional respect, do not need to take up a space additionally, won't destroy original room layout, to the student in school and the user with narrow space, added a lot of convenience.

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