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What if the TV box doesn't have a signal?

Jun. 27, 2019

What if the TV box doesn't have a signal?

How to solve the problem of no signal in the set-top box? The smart TV BOX Rockchip Supplier would like to share us about it.

The set-top box is the receiver of digital TV signal, now the home will install the set-top box to receive TV signal, but the set-top box will encounter a problem is no signal, so the set-top box has no signal how to do? Let's see what happens if the set-top box doesn't have a signal. How to solve the problem!

What if there is no signal in the set-top box

1. Digital TV set-top box card has no money

If you have a digital TV at home, then you need to use a top-up card for the set-top box. If there is no money in the smart top-up card, there will be no signal. To eliminate this problem, you need to re-check what is wrong with the set-top box.

2. AV/TV Settings on the set-top box

If the TV screen of the set-top box is turned on and there is no sign of the set-top box starting, and only the blue screen does not show the text prompt, then the setting on the TV may be incorrect. The TV has many options. Switch AV/TV button for testing, and switch the TV from analog TV channel to video channel.

3. Is the power source of the set-top box bright

Check to see if the lights are on, if a lock light is on, and if not, if the cable behind the box is loose.

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4. whether the power is normal

If the TV and set-top box are not powered on, the box will certainly not show any pictures, so check to see if the power supply is working properly.

5. The set-top box is damaged

If the wiring and so on did not have the abnormal question, that may be the cable television network damage, or the set-top box damaged, these two kinds of own are unable to solve, can only through the contact professional personnel warranty.

6. Is the recharge card inserted correctly

Confirm whether the smart recharge card is inserted correctly, and another case is the magnetic card degaussing, and then apply for a new one. Whether or not

Eliminate the above factors, if the fault is still, please call the relevant set-top box on site to check the maintenance.

The above is to give you the set-top box no signal how to do, look at the above reasons and solutions, find the corresponding treatment, the remedy can be quickly solved the problem. Of course, if you don't know what the situation is, you can contact the relevant maintenance department for on-site maintenance, after all, it is still more professional rest assured. Hope to help you, if you want to know more about the information, please continue to pay attention to this website, continue to update please look forward to.

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