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[TV box for sale China]Introducing the TV box for you

May. 13, 2019

TV box ,such as the cheap 4K Android TV Box,it is an external device, it is the ability to do not take up the advantages of IRQ () in the end, don't open the host, PLUG&PLAY (plug and play), need not install driver, now many TV box to increase the function of acquisition program, the TV box can be divided into three categories, category of the TV box, importance of is shopping category is the target group of young people TV box, there is a kind of television that is designed for the parents only orange box [1]. The effect of a TV program is directly related to its chip, high-frequency head, and the price is moderate. Its functions also include video recording, time translation, video collection and compression, as well as listening to radio and other functions. Not only that, by the Good looking design android TV BOX,the user can also through the computer television card collection of video post-editing processing, and can be burned into a CD for preservation.

cheap 4K Android TV Box

What is a TV card/box? Something as simple as watching TV on a computer, which was the original design concept of a PC TV receiver, is not a TV card/box. The utility model can not only complete the basic functions such as TV video reception and VCD playback, but also has the advantages of multi-screen image display, convenient and flexible operation, clear image and so on. At the same time, it can be flexibly switched with the function of the computer itself, so that the computer resources can be fully utilized and one machine can be used for many purposes.

An external TV receiver box that is the size of a modem and is a relatively self-contained device. External TV box installation and operation are relatively simple, more like the use of a home appliance, the same level of domestic and foreign products are often superior to the viewing clarity of the built-in products.

The TV external receiver box generally supports plug and play, so the performance will be more stable than the built-in video receiver card. The TV external receiver box does not need software support. With the VGA display, the basic functions of most ordinary TV sets can be achieved. In addition, various indicators on the panel of the TV receiver box can also be used to know the running state of the TV.