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[TV box for sale]The TV encyclopedia

May. 16, 2019

TV encyclopedia by High Performance smart TV BOX supplier.

The working principle of the TV box:

1. Connect to the Internet and use Internet resources for free.

2. Connect the TV and make the living room TV the entertainment center of the whole family.

3. Enrich the interface, so that the network TV box has more functions.

The function of the TV box:

Some TV box functions include video recording, time translation, video collection and compression, as well as listening to radio and other functions. Not only that, the user can also collect through the computer television card video post-editing processing, and can be burned into a CD for preservation, these functions are not TV.

High Performance smart TV BOX

The composition of the TV box:

It looks like a box, such as Android TV box China,including signal input port, video decoding and video processing circuit, audio switching and processing circuit, single-chip control circuit, memory circuit, character superposition circuit, video and audio output port, remote signal receiver and control button.

The characteristics of the TV box:

Most TV boxes can work independently of the computer host, that is, without opening the computer and software can use the TV box with the monitor to watch TV programs, additional functions are more in order to provide AV terminal /S terminal input, multi-function remote control, multi-channel video switch.