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What is the TV box for?

Sep. 09, 2019

Although smart TV is very hot nowadays, most people know smart TV, but relatively speaking, TV boxes that have developed to maturity have become less and less known. With the development of smart TV, the presence of TV boxes is becoming weaker, but Personally think that from the price point of view, the use of TV boxes is more affordable, and smart TV is also in its infancy; and smart TV hardware replacement is more cumbersome and expensive, if you do not go to the times, you may wish to configure an advanced TV box. And home tv box wholesale china can meet all aspects of your needs. Mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. The most basic: chasing artifact

The pursuit of drama is the most basic function of the TV box. Different brands have different video platforms. At present, there are mainly fusion types, and there is also a separate content video platform. Before purchasing a TV box, you can first understand the content platform used. .

2. The coolest: big screen game

The general smart box has its own app store. If you don't have it, you can install a third-party app store. There are thousands of TV app software. If you use a personal sensor or a gamepad, the big screen will be very cool. Somatosensory classes can also be used as fitness games.

If it is based on the game function, it is best to choose a higher configuration when purchasing, more than 2G memory, more than 16G flash memory, the chip selects the mainstream brand.

3. The most joyful: K song artifact

Now the smart TV box mini rockchip just download a K song software through the app store, and then with a wireless microphone or wired microphone, you can mad at home! There are TV versions such as Cool My K, Mi Mi Music, etc. After downloading, you can sing and sing like you did in KTV. After you practice at home, go out and SHOW.

Smart Tv Box Mini Rockchip

R-TV BOX S10 MINI Rockchip RK3328

4. Most practical office: avatar screen projector

Three-screen intercommunication and four-screen intercommunication. For TV boxes, it is not difficult to put mobile phones or computer content on TV screens. Most brands of TV boxes will also have their own screencasting functions. Download and install, such as Goku remote control, projection screen artifacts and other applications can be achieved, in addition to screen capture, mobile phone as a remote control, very convenient.

5. Most needless: big screen shopping

This TV shopping is not the kind that is included on the TV, "99! Original price 9999! Now as long as 99! Hurry to buy, do not buy it will lose!" This kind of TV shopping, but directly put shopping platforms such as Taobao, Jingdong, etc. TV.

For this function, Xiao Bian has always felt very tasteless, the experience is very general, not as good as the experience on TV and mobile phones.

6. Most affection: big screen call, family photo album

Using TV to talk, video chat, family sitting in the living room to watch travel photos with TV, etc. These are also more practical features of the TV box, you may wish to try.

China Android TV BOX wholesale in order to let more people return to the living room, return to the TV big screen, whether it is a TV box or a smart TV, they are very careful, they can not use the functions of the mobile phone on TV, but as the most important TV It is a function of "watching", so the TV box currently on the market pays more attention to the quality of the picture and the content. Whether or not there is a smart TV at home, it is quite useful to prepare a TV box.