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How long does an LCD TV last?

Sep. 07, 2019

How long does an LCD TV last? Following the Home TV box wholesale China would like to share with us.

As a living room necessary everyone electricity, a lot of people in the purchase of television will pay attention to, from the product appearance, picture quality, function to AI interaction and other aspects, are concerned about the content. But few people pay much attention to the age of television sets.

So, exceed fixed number of year you still let it continue however "service" home appliance, what hidden trouble can you bring possibly? How long does an LCD TV last? Next, smart Android TV box wholesale will answer questions for you.

How long does an LCD TV last?

1, home appliances long "service" has hidden dangers

Once the use period of household appliances exceeds, the following problems are likely to occur:

▲ insulation aging, generating leakage of electricity, resulting in electromagnetic pollution;

▲ components technical indicators drop seriously, resulting in leakage of harmful substances, increased power consumption;

▲ poor user experience, many functions even failure;

▲ severe circuit aging is more likely to cause explosion, fire and other accidents.

Therefore, we must face up to the use of household appliances deadline, can not wait until "broken repair, really can not repair before replacement".

How long does an LCD TV last?

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2. How long is the safe use life of LCD TV

As for the service life of LCD TV, the author found different opinions on each platform after a survey on the Internet. Generally speaking, the average service time of TV is 7-9 years.

When the television is used for 7-9 years, the television screen image is not clear, screen shaking and other conditions, which means that related components aging, radiation will increase; Once encounter collision, quench, quench heat, etc., may also cause an explosion. The large size of flat panel TV sets does not reduce the power and heat. Therefore, it is recommended to place it in a dry and ventilated environment, and regular care can increase its service life.

According to the standards set by the China electronic video industry association, TV sets have a safe use period of seven years, beyond which manufacturers are no longer required to undertake relevant maintenance and safety responsibilities.

3. How to clean and care flat screen TV

After TV USES period of time (half an year or so commonly), suggest everybody undertakes exterior cleanness to the product maintain, let TV can more pure and fresh, hard work for you. When we clean the TV set, it is recommended to use a clean soft cloth to wipe the display screen and power supply. Do not use any gasoline, alcohol, benzene organic liquid or aerosol cleaner. The working temperature of LCD is 5-35℃, and the environmental humidity is best in 20%-80%, so as not to affect the work of LCD.

If you leave for a long period of time, don't just pause, it's best to turn the machine and the Good looking design android TV BOX off to avoid leaving a shadow on the TV. We in the daily use of the television, a good product daily cleaning care, can make it better for your service.