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Why Do We Need a Tv Box? (Part 1)

Mar. 24, 2020

The moment when the TV is connected to the Internet, it has already marked the arrival of smart TVs. Now the advent of 5G has further developed smart TVs, which is quite gratifying. At the same time, it is a huge shock to TV boxes.

So, in the end, does a smart TV still need a high performance android tv box? We talk about it today.

From the gestation of the network box in 2012 to the full-scale outbreak of the box market in 2013, both TVs and set-top boxes have rapidly realized intelligence. At the beginning of the TV box was born to meet the user's needs for content. Since there are no restrictions, almost all resources can be watched for free through video software, or even directly watch TV channels.

In fact, the content of high integration 4k TV box is similar to that of the TV box, but it will be slightly different in the video. It depends on which platform you are using. Both smart TVs and TV boxes can install third-party applications to fulfil our content needs.

If our favourite programs or other resources are not on the smart TV provided by this platform, then it is very necessary to have a TV box that a certain platform can provide the content you need.

For example, Tmall Magic Box uses Youku Tudou's video content, Glory Box Pro's Universal Film and Television (CIBN) is a must-install, while the Super Box is a collection of iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, and Mango TV platforms. Content resources Quite rich.

Of course, more resources means more payment, there is no free lunch in the world. If you want to watch the movies in the box, you need to open the membership; if you want to watch the sports events in the box, you need to open the members of the sports, especially after the standardized content of the box, the paid part will increase.

Although some of the contents in the box need to be paid, the price of the box itself must be added, but it is still more cost-effective than smart TVs with thousands of dollars, depending on the user's personal needs.

In addition to content resources, the hardware is also an important part.

Google TV Box 4K

High Integration 4k Tv Box

Nowadays, the rapid development of the network, the technological changes, and the requirements of smart TVs are becoming higher and higher, and the hardware of smart TVs is also matched with them. Constantly updated, some voice, HDR, and intelligent AI functions have appeared one after another, which requires smart TVs to have higher configurations and even more video decoders to keep up with the needs of the times.

When using the unique features of smart TVs, there will also be a variety of new features emerging. If these hardware functions in smart TVs cannot be met or upgraded, it will be eliminated over time.

Even if I buy a newest smart TV now, it has the strongest hardware configuration and will not be eliminated in a short time, but there is no guarantee that the hardware will not fall behind in two or three years or one or two years. In addition, smart TVs cannot be replaced frequently like mobile phones, and system upgrades also need to be updated on time so they will not be out.

Therefore, if the hardware flaw of the smart TV cannot be updated in time, a super clear resolution TV box can still be equipped. The new multi-screen experience, 4K ultra-high-definition HDR picture quality, AI voice control, etc. can be solved as long as a TV box; and in terms of price, compared with a new smart TV, a TV box Still quite cost-effective.