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Network set-top box

Jul. 26, 2019

Network set-top box

Google TV BOX Rockchip Factory shares that network set-top Box (STB) technology is the most important technical equipment in information appliances. The functions of the set-top box have jumped from a multi-frequency tuner and decoder to a control terminal for a large number of online databases such as movies, multimedia events and news.

At present, network set-top boxes can be divided into three categories: one is shopping network set-top boxes, one is the network set-top boxes targeted at young people, and one is a kind of TV boxes designed only for parents. Therefore, how to expand the functions of set-top boxes, improve quality, reduce production costs and optimize product structure is of great significance to the development of the forthcoming interactive television network.

google TV BOX Rockchip Factory

Basic functions of TV box:

(1) can indicate the status of indoor equipment, CATV network and program resources; Users can use their TV screens to display messages and menus sent by service companies and information providers.

(2) transmit the user's selection information to the service center or information provider.

(3) it can provide users with basic terminal control functions, such as fast forward, fast rewinding, pause and record when selecting video VOD program.

(4) with two-way communication ability, it can realize TV shopping, distance teaching and VOD, etc.

(5) it can be connected to the home computer.

(6) capable of signal transmission, modulation and demodulation, and ATM protocol processing.

(7) it can monitor public equipment, carry out telemetry and feedback of signal transmission performance.

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