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What problems should pay attention to when buying a TV box?

Jul. 19, 2019

What problems should pay attention to when buying a TV box?

With the development of Internet culture, the role of TV in People's Daily life is changing gradually. I still remember when I was a child, the whole family gathered around a color TV to watch TV in a happy atmosphere, but now the rise of computers and mobile phones, make the television gradually sit on the bench, until the emergence of network box and smart TV, just let people out of their own small space, back to family members. Low price, high performance, high openness, rich content of the network box appeared by a lot of young families love, after a few years of development, the box market is more diversified, in the big name and shanzhai coexist in the box market, how can we choose to fit their own? Here are a few things by Allwinner TV Box Manufacturer to look out for when buying a box.

First, look at configuration

As long as it is a hardware device, whether it is a mobile phone, a computer or a box, we must first look at the hardware configuration. Configuration is the most powerful "heart" that carries the box. The higher the parameters, the better the performance of the box. CPU is the central processing unit of a box, which is responsible for the overall operation and coordination of the box runtime. There are three standards for evaluating CPU, namely, CPU architecture, CPU main frequency and GPU. Take the second generation flagship edition of the dimension innovation box i71S as an example, its CPU is configured with cortex-a53 1.5GHz 8 core, the CPU architecture here is cortex-a53, the main frequency is 1.5GHz, a total of 8 cores can work at the same time, the architecture has the distinction of Cortex A5, A7, A9,A53 and so on. The larger the number of nuclei, the faster the speed, in general there are two nuclei, four nuclei and eight nuclei. The CPU with the same architecture and the same number of cores has higher main frequency and higher speed, while the GPU is specially used for processing image display. Just like the CPU, the higher the number of cores, the faster the graphics speed is displayed, which is particularly important for the normal display of game graphics.

Second, look at the content

The state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television (sarft) stipulates that the content of the box must be authorized by the legal license holder, otherwise the source of the content is illegal and there is nothing to see even if you buy the box. Before Tmall magic box and other boxes were ordered by the state administration of radio, film and television to remove the illegal application, a lot of content can not see, how to ask, a box to watch TV, content is not much inside that buy why, so the content of the box is very important. For example, skyworth's Q+ series of content comes from tencent video, skyworth's i71s series of box content comes from iQIYI, and other content sources include mango TV, sohu video, youku and so on. These basically see personal preferences, iQIYI is mainly to see variety and Korean dramas, watching NBA and other international games with tencent will be better, remember that the box must see the content is not licensed party legitimate authorization!

Third, look at the system

At present, most of the Allwinner TV Box on the market use android system and their own research and development system, here we recommend you to buy android system, an android open source is good, and the application of software is also many, if it is other systems boxes will worry about what software can be used. Before another Tmall magic box so mine is only related to it with ali cloud system, open a boulder, sea meidi, moons brands such as box because with ali cloud system is in the attachment, other skyworth box and millet box for android are in peace, so the box when the choose and buy remember to have a look at the application of the system.

Allwinner TV Box Manufacturer

Fourth, price differentiation

On the market at present is roughly 190 yuan, 299 yuan, 399 yuan of three grade, a price a points goods, 200 yuan of right-and-left box belongs to medium, but the basic can meet the demand of viewing, 299 yuan belong to the intermediate product features may be more abundant, up 399 yuan is high-end box, high configuration function, not only in the aspect of operation and memory do bigger and better, the pursuit of experiential buy this price segment of right. Basically has high-grade large box manufacturers, choice is very big, such as skyworth Q + second generation belongs to 199 price, meet the daily needs no problem, but i71s second generation price in 249, in the end product function more rich, the pursuit of experience have to choose i71s second generation flagship version, both shipment deposit and resolution are better, especially some like to play the game the user must choose high configuration box, or even installed the game to run.

Fifth, look at the appearance

Appearance is also a standard that measures a box, the box that general small manufacturer produces is in order to compress cost, the material that can use relatively inferior on exterior material, affect the heat that the box radiates not only, safety also can be affected. Don't buy a box with an external antenna. External antennas are older technology, and manufacturers have proven that the technology is not good. Buy back can be controlled by tapping box listening to distinguish good or bad, it sounds very empty comparatively light box quality are not very good, like skyworth i71S series box in your hands will feel have a lot of weight, looks very simple sense, tapping sound is very clear, experienced people, holding box can be passed the initial appearance distinguish good or bad.

That is box which should pay attention to the problem of choose and buy, should also see when buy other buyers of evaluation, we don't rule out there are individual investors, but quantity once or more carefully, the processing of the personnel of the service attitude can also be seen in the evaluation, if the box once appear problem bad customer service that is miserable. Don't blindly follow the trend when buying a box. Take a closer look with your good eye.