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Don't do these things with the TV box

Sep. 23, 2019

However, many friends bought the 4K TV box rockchip. It was a pity that the TV box life was shortened due to improper use. Today, China customized Android TV box suppliertalk about the wrong operating habits of using the Quad-Core rockchip TV box. These habits initially did not show any obvious conditions, but over time they greatly hurt the life of the TV box!

R-TV BOX R10 Rockchip RK3328

R-TV BOX R10 Rockchip RK3328

1. Shut down the box power adapter directly

The habit of many users is to use the remote control to directly turn off the TV box and the TV. At this time, the box and the TV are in standby state, and still consume power, which is also a very unsafe practice.

2. Long-term use does not shut down

Whether it is a computer or a person, it takes a certain amount of time to rest after a long and uninterrupted job. When many people use the box, they just turn off the TV and no longer close the box.

In fact, this is an extremely dangerous habit. The box is in standby for a long time, and it is easy to cause damage to the machine. Therefore, whether it is from the life of the box, or from the perspective of environmental protection should be turned off in a timely manner, it is best to unplug the socket, although it may be troublesome.

3. Place the environment with water or magnetic interference

Do not place the quad-core rockchip TV box in a greasy and humid environment. If the electronic product is in a humid environment for a long time, it will cause the metal plate of the motherboard to rust and corrode, affecting the normal use of its function, and greatly reducing the service life of the box.

In addition to being away from moisture, the TV box device part uses magnetic media, so the TV box must be away from the magnetic field, such as the more common magnetic field sources are audio, mobile phones, speakers and so on. For example, an electric appliance such as an audio system with strong electromagnetic interference may cause the WIFI of the TV box to be unstable or a splash screen when watching a video.

Maybe the machine that could have been in the post for three years was forced to be laid off because it became a job for one year. Of course, you can afford to change the new one!

Tips: In a word, the TV box is far away from water and magnetic fields!

4. Covering the TV box

Do not cover cardboard or other items on the TV box or place the TV box in a concealed corner. This position is not conducive to the wireless reception of the TV box, which will cause the TV box to be stuck and splash when watching the video.

Many users are afraid that the dust in the box will not be cleaned, so they will cover a layer of cloth or a set of dust jackets and the like. Once and for all, the dust will not fall on the box. It is not very bad for the heat dissipation of the box. Long-term in a sweltering space, if you are in a place where you can feel violent in a 40° high temperature environment for 365 days, you know that this kind of misoperation is very harmful to the box!

Tips: Put the TV box in a cool, dry place, and scrub regularly with a cloth or wet wipes.

5. TV box does not clean up for a long time

Not only the appearance of the box needs to be cleaned, but also the system of the box should be “slimmed down” regularly. We recommends regular factory reset, so the life of the box will be greatly extended! The experience will also fly 6!

Garbage files will take up system and memory space, causing the system to run slower and slower. It is recommended to regularly clean up the files that are not commonly used in the TV box or clean up the usage data frequently to reduce weight for the bloated body space. The Quad-Core rockchip TV box is quickly cleared by one button. Whether it is a Bluetooth remote control or an infrared remote control, press the remote control home button frequently to pop up the cleaning interface. The small partner presses and confirms to wait for a few seconds.

Tips: Regularly restore factory settings and often clean up memory space.

6. Frequently plugging and unplugging interfaces

The Quad-Core rockchip TV box has various interfaces such as HDMI and USB. It is not suitable for too frequent insertion and removal during operation. This result may lead to slot damage, looseness, poor contact, etc., and may also cause dust to enter and affect. The normal operation of the box.

Also be careful when connecting and disassembling, use moderate force to reduce the damage caused by brute force on the box and interface.

If your home is not an old TV, please use the HDMI high-definition cable to connect to the TV. This will ensure the clarity of the video transmission and reduce the energy consumption of the motherboard.

Tips: The interface should not be inserted and removed frequently, and treated gently.

Seeing here, do you think it is necessary to deal with the TV box at home? The above method can not only solve the problem of the TV box, but also extend the service life of the box, making the daily operation experience of our home smoother and the family happy. Watching movies and TV shows!

In fact, not only TV boxes, TVs, refrigerators and other household appliances are also suitable! It is strongly recommended to share with family members.