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Easy To Use And Inexpensive Tv Box

Jan. 13, 2020

Since the TV box entered our sight, it has been loved by people. Not only because of its compact body, but also the intelligent system adopted by the TV box. Compared to traditional color TVs, it can bring us a more intelligent experience.

And for us ordinary consumers, how can we choose a better product? In fact, it is important to value brands. Among many home appliance brands, allwinner android tv box not only has excellent performance, but also has a favorable price, which can be accepted by most families.

Easy To Use And Inexpensive Tv Box

Allwinner Android Tv Box

What kinds of TV boxes are there?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of boxes, which can be described as assorted. Do you know what kinds of TV boxes are available? 4k 2G Amlogic TV box supplier classifies you as follows for everyone to understand.

First introduce the source of the box name. The original name of the box is "set-top box", and Set Top Box (STB) is a foreign word that means a box placed on the TV.

Radio and television boxes are divided into three types: cable, satellite and ground. When television technology enters the digital era, a large number of existing televisions are still in the analog era, especially the image display part has remained in the state of analog technology for a long time. The continuation of this analog technology is still very long. For example, the computer monitors we use today are still in the state of analog VGA input. In this case, in order to enable the analog TV to display digital TV, it is implemented by an external digital TV set-top box. In the process of digitization, a set-top box vested interest group has been formed, which protects interests by closing non-general radio and television box technology standards. This box has become a financial source for some cable companies to bundle users with high prices.

Network Box:

This is Tmall, Xiaomi Box, etc., which are currently selling online. The main purpose of this box is to watch Internet TV. In addition to the radio and television box function, the price / performance ratio has obvious advantages compared with the radio and television box. First of all, this box is based on the Android system and can install various applications.

Thousands of apps and games are included in the Dangbei market, all of which are TV-only apps. It can also be connected to a mouse and keyboard. It can be called a miniaturized personal computer host. Many things that can be done on computers such as Internet TV and Internet music can also be done on this kind of box. Therefore, this box is called a computer The box is not too much. Due to the low technical threshold for the production of such boxes, the market quickly became the Red Sea, and finally became a contest between chip manufacturers. At present, domestic box chip manufacturers are relatively leading, and the representative chip is Quanzhi H3.

Triple play box:

The three-network integration box, which is a box that integrates cable television and Internet TV, is an old topic for the generation of three-network integration. The previous three-network integration was based on the operator's perspective of vested interests and realized watching television and calling through a line , Internet access, but telecommunications and radio and television want to monopolize users through a single line. Advantages and disadvantages of the two: Radio and television's strength is to provide live TV services without blocking, while telecommunications' strength is broadband Internet access; their respective advantages are also the weaknesses of their opponents. To make up for their respective disadvantages, they need to invest a lot. Why not combine their respective advantages to provide better services to users? The wish is good, but it is more difficult to achieve win-win cooperation based on the interests of both parties. Therefore, it is a good choice to develop a converged set-top box to bypass the disputes over the interests of operators and realize the integration of the three networks from the perspective of the terminal. Just like our mobile phones can be connected to any network.

The essence of the triple play is the fusion of personal computers and cable TV. This requires a lot of practice and research and development. Americans tried it in 2006, but one of the participants, Apple, has not yet launched a A TV or box compatible with cable TV shows its difficulty.