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How to Install a Tv Box? (On)

Jan. 20, 2020

Speaking of televisions, everyone should be able to see them in daily life. With the continuous improvement of technology, televisions have gone from black and white to color TVs, and then color TVs. The original color TVs were old color TVs, but now most of them has been eliminated, and replaced by the new large LCD TV, not only can experience the big picture, but also declare a variety of programs, while the old TV used to rely on the antenna to receive the signal, the acceptable signal I can only watch some single programs. Today's big TVs rely on a few TV boxes to receive signals. There are many programs that can be accepted. The smart TV box mini rockchip supplier will tell you a few. TV box installation method.

TV box installation step 1: Open the box, remove the set-top box and the following accessories:

1. Audio / video cable: It is a black double-headed cable with three yellow, red and white plugs at each end of the cable;

2. Cable TV subscriber line: one end is the user's male head, and the other end is the British F head;

3. Set-top box remote control and with battery, the remote control outline drawing is shown on the back.

Rockchip android tv box installation step two: wiring

1. Place the set-top box next to the TV and insert the battery into the set-top box remote control;

2. Turn off the TV switch, first remove the original subscriber line, plug the user head of the subscriber line that is delivered randomly to the cable TV socket on the wall;

3. Insert the yellow, red, and white three-color plugs at one end of the audio / video cable into the three-color jacks on the back panel of the set-top box according to the colors, and insert the yellow, red, and white three-color plugs at the other end into the three colors after the TV. AV IN jack, yellow: video VIDEO, red and white: left and right audio AUDIO. If there are several groups of 3-color jacks on the back of the TV, select the idle one in the video input group IN.

Rockchip Android Tv Box

Rockchip Android Tv Box

High performance android TV box installation step 3: debug

1. Insert the smart card microchip downwards and insert it into the set-top box slot in the direction indicated by the arrow;

2. Plug in the power plug of the set-top box, and turn on the power switch on the front panel of the set-top box, so that the set-top box is turned on;

3. Turn on the TV power switch and press the AV mode switch button on the TV remote control to switch the TV screen to the AV interface of the corresponding interface.

If there are several sets of 3-color AV jacks on the back of the TV, it means that the TV has several AV channels. You need to continue pressing this key until the startup screen of the digital TV is displayed. If the screen says "No purchase of this show" or "Unauthorized" but actually purchased, please wait a few minutes for the smart card of the digital TV set-top box to automatically receive authorization.