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How to Install a Tv Box? (Down)

Feb. 05, 2020

TV box installation step four: the use of the remote control learning button

The set-top box remote control adds a learning button area on the keypad. When learning between the two remote controls, the remote control of the TV and the set-top box is required to be horizontally aligned, and the infrared code sending and receiving directions are in a straight line. Keep a distance of about 3 cm.

1. Press and hold the set-top box remote control setting button for more than 3 seconds, the top LED of the set-top box remote control will turn from dim to bright and always on.

2. Press the key of the set-top box remote control to learn and release it. The LED on the top of the set-top box remote control starts to flash.

3. Next, align the corresponding keys of the TV remote control with the transmitter tube of the set-top box remote control (the white tube located at the top of the remote control). Do not release the buttons until the LED light on the top of the set-top remote control flashes three times. The signal has been received and the function of this key has been learned.

TV box channel settings

1. Open the TV and digital TV set-top box, press the program menu on the remote control, the TV will display the menu screen;

2. Then press the F1 menu key on the remote control, and then enter the channel management interface;

3. In the TV channel management interface, press the F4 key on the remote control and select the corresponding TV interface to move;

4. The direction keys on the TV remote control can adjust the order on the TV.

5. After confirming the position of the program, press the F4 key to cancel the "Move", and finally press the F3 key to lock the channel position.

Maintenance of amlogic TV box

Amlogic Tv Box

Amlogic Tv Box    Amlogic Tv Box

1. When maintaining and maintaining a digital TV set-top box, it is necessary to turn off the digital TV set-top box to avoid electric shock during cleaning. Generally, maintenance of digital TV hard disk players includes cleaning the dust and charging maintenance.

2. The hard disk player of the digital TV set-top box mainly uses magnetic media, so its principle magnetic field needs to be used during use to prevent the hard disk from being magnetized during use, causing data loss.

3. During use, you must also pay attention to waterproof and moisture resistance. Once the digital TV set-top box hard disk player gets wet, it will cause a short circuit inside it.

4. Hard disk player should not be used in high temperature environment. Under high temperature environment, high temperature will change the crystal frequency of hard disk.

By introducing these installation methods, it is estimated that everyone should be familiar and familiar with the installation method of TV boxes, and no longer have to worry about installation. There are many TV boxes now. Using boxes to watch TV has become a new trend. I believe everyone will watch After you know how to install it, sometimes there should be instructions in the box, but some manuals can not explain how to install in detail, then the consumer is immediately confused, and after buying it, I ca n’t install it. I feel uncomfortable, so don't worry anymore, amlogic TV box supplier will give you a detailed introduction.