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What Is a Smart Tv Box?

Feb. 10, 2020

Smart TV box mini rockchip supplier introduces you: Smart TV box is a mini PC, just like a smart phone with an operating system inside.

At present, the mainstream smart TV boxes in the download market are Android TV boxes, and users can install and uninstall programs by themselves.

There is a special market for TV boxes. Some large games such as Dungeon Hunter 4 can be downloaded with one click, and there is no need to download installation packages.

Mini Rockchip Tv Box

Mini Rockchip Tv Box

The mini rockchip TV box is a TV that can realize "unlimited content, unlimited applications".

At present, traditional televisions can only watch fixed programs and cannot access the Internet.

How did smart TV boxes rise?

As smart products such as flat-panel electric power make a smart market unfold, this makes the concept of smart TV boxes start to rise slowly.

However, the awareness of smart TV boxes on the market is not high enough, but the market is still huge.

Data show that more than 90% of TVs in 2019 will be equipped with smart TV boxes to become smart TVs.

How does a smart TV box work?

In simple terms, the working principle of a general smart TV box is divided into three parts.

The first part is the link to the network. After the TV box is connected to the network, you can enjoy those resources on the network.

The second part is to connect the TV end to enrich the TV's live broadcast station. For example, the Pandora smart TV box can receive more than 100 and third-party downloads of 500-1000 domestic and foreign TV stations.

The third part, other functions, such as mobile phone connection, multi-screen interaction, and some can be achieved through external interfaces.

However, I want to emphasize that the small U treasure box can not only do these things, but also make the TV into a game artifact, you can play a variety of large-scale 3D games. There is also a cloud portal for home health management.