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[TV box for sale]USB TV box

May. 30, 2019

USB TV box

Plug and play, portable and mobile, high price USB TV box is basically the above two products supplement and optimization.Shared by Home TV box wholesale China. Although it is an external product, it must have a driver and playback software installed in the operating system and needs to be turned on before it can be used. Thanks to its external design, it receives better reception than the built-in PCI TV card, but is still subject to electromagnetic interference when the computer is turned on.

But this kind of interface product, can be very convenient plug and play, especially can be very convenient to connect with the notebook computer, convenient to connect the notebook computer through USB port, is so far able to realize the laptop watching TV on a more perfect solution. USB TV boxes can be video collection and compression, and most USB TV boxes provide excellent hardware compression function. USB TV box is also a good choice for video players.

USB TV box, a converter that USES the cable TV signal or AV input directly to the computer.

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LCD TV box: let the game and TV become one

If the user only has a very high requirement for the TV picture, or the user USES the large screen monitor, then the choice of a high-end TV box will be a more rational choice. This kind of TV box can provide perfect TV effect and high picture quality. The TV box is an external device, so anti-interference ability is good, its picture is generally better than the TV card, and do not need to open the computer host can be used.

USB2.0 TV box: the best companion for a laptop

If the user needs relatively good TV pictures and simple video collection, they can choose USB TV box. These products generally provide software compression or semi-hardware compression, which consumes more system resources. USB TV box features similar to the TV card, can be regarded as an external TV card, is the best choice for laptop computer users.

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