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Questions about Tv Boxes (Below)

Mar. 03, 2020

Rockchip android tv box is the same as the mobile phone, our mobile phone will also experience the phenomenon of stuttering. After the user encounters, do not worry, I will tell you a few ways to see if we can solve the stuttering problem:

1.Uninstall excess apps first and optimize the system

Many users get the TV box, the first thing is to install the application, but the storage space of many TV boxes is relatively small, and some low-configured boxes are prone to card after installing too many applications It was even a crash. Therefore, we recommend that you uninstall some applications that you don't normally use to keep the box running smoothly.

In fact, the root cause of many stuttering problems lies in the system, so for our users, there is no solution to the root cause, but there are some ways to mitigate this problem, which is to manually optimize the system, which is to periodically clean up The system does not allow the equipment to run overload, so that the box can be used for a long time.

Network optimization

A bad network signal can actually cause a freeze phenomenon, and many people will ignore this. When the network is not good, it will naturally cause a freeze, especially when watching videos, and the current mini rockchip TV box Some have no network cable interface, so you can only use Wi-Fi to connect to the network. It is not infeasible to connect to the network with a WiFi signal.

In this case, the user first downloads a software to measure the speed of the network and try the speed of his own network. If there is a problem with the speed of the network, the network can be used normally after the network is resolved.

Mini Rockchip Tv Box

Mini Rockchip Tv Box 

3. May need to replace the new box

If all the solutions do not make the box freeze, we must consider whether the box is aging. Because the TV box is an electronic product, it has a life cycle situation. After a long time, after all, everyone's demand for picture quality is constantly rising. If all kinds of methods can not solve the freeze problem, then everyone may be buying a new box.

There are many brands of TV boxes in the market. When you buy, you must pay more attention to it and try to choose some big brand products, because the configuration, system, and other factors are not discussed. I didn't write it in the purchase place, but it was something everyone had to consider. Hope everyone can find the right product.