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The Small And Beautiful Function that Comes With The Tv Box

Mar. 10, 2020

Today, the cheap ODM android TV box supplier shares some small but very intimate TV box features. If you are used to it, you will not be able to do without it.

I. Desktop Wallpaper

Like a mobile phone, you can change the TV box to a new desktop installation. There are three steps:

① First download some good-looking wallpapers, travel photos, etc. in a USB flash drive;

② Insert the USB port of Heidi TV box, enter the media center, and find the location of the U disk;

③ Open the wallpaper picture folder, select a photo and open it, then press the [MENU] key (ie, the menu key) on the remote control to set the desktop wallpaper. (Restore the default desktop wallpaper: enter system settings-advanced settings-display-restore desktop wallpaper)

One-click direct access

Open the [One Click Direct] button on the desktop of the box, you can set the shortcuts of numbers 1-9, for example: click on number 1, it can be set to [Tencent Video], click on number 2, set to open [HDP broadcast], and so on To number 9, next time you want to turn on an application, you can quickly enter the application by pressing the number directly under the remote control; long press the OK key on the remote control to cancel the shortcut corresponding to the number. (Note: This setting is suitable for learning remotes with numeric keys. The Bluetooth remote control has red and blue keys on it to support one-button direct access.)

Third, the custom entrance

This is relatively simple: directly click the [+] button on the desktop to enter the application list, and then check the commonly used software you need to add it to the desktop, and then start the relevant software directly on the desktop after booting.

Fourth, the super child lock

If you have a bear child at home, you can try Super Child Lock. You can set the lock screen time 7 * 24 hours: First, set the initialization password after opening the app. After entering the lock screen task list, you can add multiple lock screen tasks as needed: Watch cartoons, listen to songs, watch TV and other tasks. After setting the password, the child cannot watch it when the time comes without the password. The TV locks or shuts down automatically to avoid long-term addiction.

4k 2g Amlogic Tv Box

4k 2g Amlogic Tv Box

V. Self-launch management

If there are more 4k 2G Amlogic TV box applications installed, many applications will automatically start when they start up, occupying memory resources, and often find that the more the box is used, the more cards. It is necessary to prevent some applications from starting automatically through the built-in self-starting management to make the video play more smoothly, so that the system will not be too stuck.

Six, one-click cleaning

Another way to clean up the system card is to use the one-click cleanup function: press and hold the home button to quickly enter one-click cleanup, clear out some unnecessary garbage such as memory, cache, files, etc., and the box runs more smoothly.

File management

This function is commonly used by file managers. You can set the view (list or thumbnail), category (all files, all videos, all music, all pictures) and sort of files, and provide copy, cut, paste, delete , New folder, search, rename and other file operations. After opening, select the corresponding folder, press the [MENU] key to pop up the command menu, and select the corresponding operation.

The above are some commonly used small functions, but it is easy to be ignored by everyone. Welcome to have other useful small functions to communicate together.