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What if the TV box caton?

Dec. 30, 2019

What should I do if the screen freezes when I watch TV with a TV box? Don’t worry, remember the following tips and tricks to solve the stutter problem easily! The first thing we need to understand is what causes TV boxes generally stutter:

1. The network rockchip android TV box is generally equipped with the Android operating system, just like the Android smartphone. With more and more installed software and more and more content, the box will definitely be stuck.

2. The hardware can't keep up with the requirements. The box is too old and too old. The hardware configuration is only basic, but as the system upgrades and the functions increase, the old hardware needs more time to load these contents, so it is getting the more stuck.

3. The network set-top box has many self-starting items like the Android smartphone. Maybe you don't pay much attention when you install the application, but it is software that runs quietly in the background.

The hardware quality of each Omikai Box is different, and the functions are different. In addition, the service life of each box is also different. Therefore, the following methods are only applicable to the vast majority of users who are stuck.

1.For insufficient memory

TV boxes, like smartphones, support application expansion and can install many third-party software, so many users have installed many APP applications on the TV without clearing them in time, but these softwares take up memory, which is too much for mobile applications One more reason to delete in time.

2.Trash files take up a lot of space

Installing applications, listening to a song, watching a movie, etc. will generate a lot of junk files, occupy the cache, and cause the TV to slow down. So click "Application Management"-"One Click Cleanup".

3. Too many self-starting software

If you open a lot of software at the same time, the system is stacked in the background. If you don't manage it, there is too much auto-start software in the background by default, and the TV response will naturally be slow. Close the background operation in time and click "Application Management"-"Self-Start Management".

Amlogic TV Box

Amlogic TV Box

4. For the problem of poor network speed

The use of a TV box is definitely an important indicator that the Internet speed in your home is powerful, such as watching online videos and playing online games. If your network bandwidth is only 2M, then the fairy can’t save you, it will definitely get stuck. Dead to live. Therefore, the editor here recommends that the family use the Internet is not less than 10M.

5.Restore factory settings except the above

If this does not work, you must restore the factory settings. After the TV is restored to the factory settings, all the original settings and downloaded applications will disappear, there will be nothing, and the LCD allwinner TV box will certainly not be burdened, but it is generally not recommended to restore the factory settings. It's more troublesome. (Select "System Settings"-"General Settings"-"About This Machine")

If this step still can't save your box, then there is really no way out. If your box is stuck for less than two years, it is recommended to replace the model with better quality and configuration; if it is due to memory, replace the model with more powerful storage function. Remember to choose according to your own situation.