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What should I do if there is no sound from the TV box?

Dec. 16, 2019

Nowadays, there is a large-scale loss of cable TV users. Many users now use TV boxes to watch TV, and TV boxes tend to replace cable TV. Some popular TV series are usually shown on cable TV. If you watch TV shows on cable TV, there will be too many ads and you can't skip them, which is the most annoying.

Cable TV live programs have a small selection range, users cannot choose programs on their own, and watch fixed programs at a fixed time, which cannot satisfy people's fast-paced life. Except for watching Spring Festival Gala, people rarely watch TV at a fixed location at a fixed time. Cable TV usually charges more than 200 yuan per year, but a China customized Android TV box is equivalent to one TV. If there are three TV sets in the home, then three cable set-top boxes are required, and annual fees are payable. The TV box is like a phone without a screen. It has Android system installed, and can download various applications on the software market to expand the functions of the TV box, such as video, fitness, games, etc.

TV box programs come from the Internet, with a wide range of options. Anyone can find the programs that interest them. Cable TV cannot allow users to choose programs. Most TV set-top boxes support the screen projection function, which can project mobile phone videos and photos onto the TV and share them with family at any time, further expanding the functions of the TV set-top box.

TV set-top boxes use home broadband networks and pay only for set-top boxes, not for the programs themselves. In short, with the acceleration of broadband and IPTV provided by operators, fewer and fewer users choose cable TV, and more and more users choose TV boxes to watch videos on the Internet. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 5G power supply license in the 5G era, but it is unclear how to make good use of the 5G resources held by the radio and television company in the next step.

Rockchip TV Box

Rockchip TV Box

The TV box has been used for a long time, and various problems often occur. The amlogic TV box supplier takes you to see what should happen to the TV box suddenly no sound?

First, check the data cable connection

First unplug both ends of the HDMI cable, and then re-plug it tightly; replace the TV with a set of HDMI interfaces; do not plug in the HDMI cable and the AV cable at the same time; just connect the HDMI cable.

Second, check the box software settings

There is no sound from the TV box, which does not rule out that our mute operation did not restore the video mute in the settings. At this time, we can manually adjust it.

Open the set-top box homepage and select settings in the application; select sound in the settings; there will be three options: notification sound, HDMI pass-through and SPDIF pass-through; notification sound, HDMI pass-through selection is on, and SPDIF pass-through selection is off. After making your selection, restart the LCD allwinner TV box and you're done.

Third, the program source problems

If there is a problem with the program source, there will also be a situation where there is no sound on the screen. This situation is not under our control. We only switch the program source without viewing the problematic program source.

At the same time, in order to avoid this situation, you can install genuine software on the TV box through the Dangbei market. The above programs are broadcast in high definition.